Horst Laxton

 Until April 2009, I worked as the assistant project manager on the Flatiron project in Coal Harbour. In the fall of 2008, I met Karin Davidson. She was the realtor for one of the units that were purchased by a couple from Toronto. Vancouver, like the rest of the world, experienced a recession in the real estate market during that time. The developer of the Flatiron project ended up with three units where the original purchasers walked away from. I had to find a competent realtor, who could sell these units for us. I contacted Karin and asked her if she would be interested in selling these units for us. I was impressed by the service that she had provided for the “out-of-towners” and the decision that I made turned out to be very successful. Karin took on the listings, and with her market knowledge and her fantastic relationship with fellow realtors, she not only created high amount of traffic but she also sold the units in that tough market in a very short period of time. Not only is she an extremely capable realtor, but she is a great person to work with. Karin literally worked around the clock for us and achieved great results for us in a very tough market. After my Flatiron experience with Karin, whenever a friend needed a service oriented realtor with excellent market knowledge that could sell, I recommended Karin Davidson. Every project that she took on for my friends, she succeeded and left my friends very satisfied. It is a pleasure working with Karin and I strongly recommend engaging her realtor services. Horst Laxton  

Tracy & Lori Lipsman

In 2012 we found it necessary to move our parents out of their condo, and put it up for sale. Karin was instrumental in helping us through this process. This was a very difficult time for us. We feel Karin completely understood what we were going through, and extremely accommodating. She always explained everything to us, and was so patient, even when we were not. We are very grateful to have worked with Karin, and if we need to work with a realtor again, she will be the one we call.

Ziggy & Sviatlana Brazinski

Our 1st home we were selling back in 2007, when Karin listed and sold it just from 1st open house. Similarly, she did this 2014 year, when she listed our home and we got an offer again just from 1st open house. Karin did a wonderful job marketing our both properties. The experience, at each phase of the sales effort was superior, innovative efforts in property preparation for the sale, useful insights on listing price, effective showings with big traffic of potential buyers and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations. We can`t thank Karin enough for her professionalism, expertise, patience and hard work in helping us to sell our both homes. We`ll highly recommend Karin to anyone looking for a real estate agent.   Sviatlana & Ziggy Brazinski

Caroline Pelchat

Choosing Karin to sell my house was the best decision I made. She helped me formulate a game plan so that I could maximize my profits. Several obstacles were thrown at us at the last minute, she reacted quickly and it was handled very well. Karin is very thorough, she pays attention to the littlest details, and she is professional, very knowledgeable about the real estate market, efficient, ethical and passionate about what she does. I would not hesitate to use Karin’s services again and I highly recommend her. Caroline Pelchat

Holly Emmerson & Bart Rygal

In an industry that’s teaming with people, how do you find the right realtor? That’s the question we were asking ourselves when we decided to purchase a condo. Integrity, experience, ability to negotiate, and knowledge of the Vancouver real estate market were all things we wanted. Karin not only delivered, she absolutely exceeded our expectations! Knowing this market inside out, Karin knew which buildings were worth entertaining, which ones have the kinds of layouts and features we wanted, and when it came down to it, she worked hard for us to get a great deal! You will not be disappointed, contact Karin immediately!

Amy Ward

I have, and will continue to, highly recommend Karin to anyone in need of a real estate agent.  As an agent Karin is professional, highly skilled, and knows every angle of her job.  More than that she is attentive, kind and a pleasure to work with.  Recently I gave Karin a huge challenge to sell my 420 square foot studio in an 80 year old building.  With professional photos, staging, and a sound marketing plan she was able to generate huge interest and sell it in under two weeks – something a previously engaged real estate agent was unable to do as it sat on the market and languished.  There is absolutely nothing I would change about Karin’s approach.  Again, if you’re looking for a miracle worker or simply the best in the business you will not be disappointed with Karin!

Geoff Mullback

I have owned a rental property in Vancouver for several years. As a non resident of Vancouver when it came time to sell the property I was lucky enough to have partnered with Karin Davidson.  Any concerns about not being in Vancouver to manage the sale process were quickly dealt with. Karin handled everything including contacting my property manager and dealt with my tenant directly.  Everything was completed in a very courteous , professional and expedited manner.  Karin is extremely professional, quick to respond and incredibly knowledgeable regarding the Vancouver market.  I was able to list, sell and provide notice to my tenant with minimal effort. If you are looking to buy or sell in Vancouver, I would not hesitate to recommend Karin.   

Adam Brownfield And Dana Ionson

My wife Dana and I have known Karin for several years and when we decided to purchase out first home we knew that Karin was the perfect choice. We trust her and know that she has our best interests at top of mind. From the beginning Karin made us feel that we were in good hands and throughout the process everything went smoothly. She’s super responsive and thinks ahead to anticipate what her clients need and what a situation might require. With Karin’s help we confidently purchased our dream home in a fast paced market. We could not have done this without Karin’s expertise. We look forward to many years in our home with our daughter.

Dr. Martin Meyers

It is easy to be cynical about people in real estate who appear to earn thousands of dollars for a few hours work. Well, Karin changed any preconceived ideas l might have had.    The 1 bedroom condo my daughter lived in for 10 years needed a lot of work. I live in Ontario and was not in a position to hire and supervise tradesmen. Karin offered to arrange for the unit to be painted, the counters’ stains to be re-finished and damage to the walls and ceiling repaired.  The place looked wonderful when put up for sale. Karin prepared a plan for showings and how offers would be received. She exceeded my expectations and the condo sold for 30% more than l had anticipated receiving.    Karin is a true professional when it comes to real estate. I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job. M. Myers MD

Pixie & David Riddle

My family and I have had the great pleasure of Karin Davidson representing us in all of our real estate transactions. Karin is a highly ethical professional who treats each real estate purchase and sale as if it were here own. Karin has a keen eye for value and an artist’s eye for potential. Karin’s time earned knowledge and attention to the details of each transaction has always put our minds to rest. As a family we trust her professional opinion and would not hesitate to recommend Karin Davidson as an excellent real estate professional. Sincerely

Nick & Rebekah Bansback

After previous unsuccessful attempts to get on the property ladder, we were thrilled when Karin secured us our dream forever home! Karin was professional throughout, keeping us up to date with new properties coming onto the market, responding promptly to our questions and inquiries, giving us honest and clear information on the Vancouver real estate market and guiding us through buying our first home with confidence. And most importantly securing it for under the asking price! We were impressed with Karin’s knowledge, care for us and professionalism.

Shawna Willan

Karin was our agent to sell our home, she worked very hard for us and took an amazing amount of time up front to be sure our home was listed at the right price, which helped to sell it quickly.  She was caring, diligent and a pleasure to work with.  She made a stressful process easy, we were happy to be in her very capable hands.

Lianne & Bodan Nosky

Karin helped us sell our condo and purchase a new house this spring.  Throughout the entire process she was professional, insightful, hardworking and loads of fun.  She provided us with weekly updates on the market, met with us face to face to share information, worked around our schedule as a young family and was able to sell our condo quickly and with minimal disruption to our daily lives. Once we sold our condo she helped us buy our new house.  We were able to confidently rely on her to guide us through this new and somewhat challenging process.  When we found the house of our dreams Karin worked endlessly to make sure that we got it.  She went above and beyond what we could have ever expected of her and we couldn’t be happier with her for helping us begin this next chapter of our lives!

Jim Boyle & Kathy Canning

Our entire home buying and selling process was made so easy thanks to Karin, her personal attention to every single detail allowed us to enjoy the process of selling and buying our homes, we were 100% confident that she had our interests covered. We consider Karin our Realtor, we would recommend her to anyone looking for a painless navigation through the hectic, and difficult home buying process

Gillian Guilmant – Smith

Over the ten (or so) years that I have known Karin Davidson she has helped me find not one, but two, fantastic homes.  Her knowledge of Vancouver neighbourhoods and her keen awareness of market trends enabled me to get in at just the right time and find the perfect fit for my lifestyle.  I can’t say enough about Karin’s patience and kindness which really helped me through the buying/ selling process.

Efren & Mona Mate

Everything happened last year was just like a dream, great things happened so smoothly and so quick without any interruption.  As my wife Mona and I did a recollection for the past year we thought that what happened was just unbelievable. One of them was Karin Davidson’s presence in our lives. Karin did an incredible job helping us extracting and utilizing all of her skills, talent and resources when selling our property. We thought that Karin did it in the most passionate manner, hitting all the targets she had set and meeting and surpassing all the expectations we expected.  Because of this Karin helped us in so many great ways, bringing us to this new state of life allowing us to age in place now. We want to thank Karin so much for the great job and may this year bring Karin more people to serve, aide and give them the satisfaction we received from her.

Mark Zarazun

As an out of town investor, I needed someone that I could rely on, trust and work with my existing tenant.  Not only did Karin get my property sold in less than one month, the relationship she developed with my tenant allowed for easy showings and even a couple of open houses.  Without her professionalism, keen sense of our market and great communicating I truly believe this would have been a far bigger issue.  The whole transaction, thanks to Karin was seamless.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to sell or buy in Vancouver.

Dr. L. Salkeld & Dr. R. Salkeld

Thank you so much for helping us buy our very first house (and it is actually a house)!  We are certain that we would not have ended up with such a nice home without your great help, guidance, and advice.

Ann Backhouse

Karin is a true professional. Her help was truly invaluable in helping us purchase our property, giving advice on location, tracing appropriate properties and dealing with all aspects of the negotiation, closing and completion. Karin was reliable, knowledgeable and competent and clearly took a great deal of pleasure in helping us find our dream home. We couldn’t have done it without her!

Petra Klimes

It was wonderful working with Karin, everything went so well and so smoothly even down to the smallest detail.  Being a first time buyer and now being a first time seller I could not have asked for a more professional and keenly experienced negotiator.  I would highly recommend Karin to anyone looking in the real estate market; she is a pleasure to work with and gets the job done brilliantly!